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Coming to Prague?

When you go to a foreign country, the most frightening - is the unknown. You probably have a lot of questions at once. How to use public transport? Where to buy tickets for the subway? Where to call in case of emergency? Where to eat? How much money to bring? etc..

We will give you tips to save time, money, and take advantage of the best offers in the city. Prague in this sense is an interesting city, you can get a large number of services for little money, it is important to know where to look.

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Let's start with public transport. The most convenient way to get around the center of Prague is the tram and metro. Buses in Prague travel much less, they are easy to move in a more remote part of the city. at each stop hanging schedule of routes and time of arrival transport. It is very convenient, especially in Prague, with the exception of emergency vehicles always arrives on time. When changes in the schedule or closing the route appear in the calendar notes, isolated bright yellow color. Timetables, including the schedule of trams in Prague different during the week because on weekends the trams and buses run differently.

These differences are also always marked in the schedule at each stop. Therefore, traveling on weekends, worth bearing in mind that at the stop can be delayed for more than 5 minutes as for normal working days. Tickets for public transport, you can buy at any subway station or in tobacco shops, which abound in the city center and at bus stops too. You can also use a mobile phone if to send SMS.

Instructions for sending SMS is present in every tram and bus stops. In Prague, it is often possible to the Comptroller in any form of public transport, which can be recognized only by the red icon, so after purchasing the ticket do not forget to break. Do not forget to pay attention to, if you're overdue for a ticket at least 5 of this gave rise to a fine of 800 euros. Ticket price depends on the time at which you buy it.

Ticket Price

For 30 minutes is 24 crowns, 32 crowns and allows travel for 75 minutes. A ticket for the whole day will cost 110 euros, a three-day ticket 310. Separately allocated tram route number 91, which has its own historical significance. Tram on this route only goes from April to October. It follows from the Museum of public transport to St?ešovice, but rather to stop Výstavišt?. It is sightseeing tram, the original museum on wheels. It is more suitable for walking study tour.

Where to call when disaster struck (Emergency call: 112)

Arriving in the Czech Republic, observe, please, the Czech laws. Obey traffic rules, do not disturb the public order, remember that ignorance of the law does not exempt you from liability.

Where and how to exchange money

Good news for tourists is beneficial to exchange money in Prague can be in the center - and only there, because in this part of the city is concentrated most of all tourist attractions and shopping centers. By and large, the Czechs almost exchangers are not needed. Czech Koruna - rather stable currency, so people trust it and prefer to keep their savings is in it. However, going on holiday abroad at the time of the Czechs themselves turn into tourists and rush to the Arab exchangers in Prague to exchange crowns for euros or dollars.

Arab exchangers in Prague

Why is "Arab"? The explanation is simple: they employ Arabs. Some of the tourists who have already visited the Czech Republic, but it was not good exchangers in Prague, while others complain that they deceived, that is issued amount less than that which came out of this course. Therefore, going to the Czech Republic on vacation, make a note of the address of the Arab exchangers in Prague, and specify their location on the map. Every year the best exchangers in the Czech capital are exchange offices on the street. Opletalova, 22 and Politických v?z??, 16, which are located in close proximity to Wenceslas Square. These are the best Arab exchangers in Prague. Change currency on the streets do not recommend very high likelihood that you will become a victim of fraud.

About Prague restaurants

I understand your desire to sit in a restaurant in the heart of Prague's Old Town Square with views of the old clock Orloj. Then do not expect that you will not only pay for food 1.5 times more than in the restaurant a bit further, but also to pay a good tip, it is possible that will be included in the sum. It is normal for the service and you have to pay. Tipping is customary to give 5-10% of the amount. To your health!

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