Paris Street (Parížská)

If you ask any shopaholic in Prague about his favorite place to shop, he will answer without delay: Paris Street!

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Paris Street

Why Visit?

Paris Street in Prague is a pleasure for shopping in luxury boutiques such as Cartier, Prada Louis Vuitton and many more. Located near the Jewish Quarter

What is this street all about?

This beautiful avenue, which is directly adjacent to the Old Town Square, filled with stylish people, blooming chestnut trees and magnificent windows.
On Paris street is focused all the chic and glamor of Prague. Anyone will say with confidence that this is the main shopping street of the Czech capital. Nowhere else will you find such a huge number of boutiques of world-famous brands.
That's where true freedom for lovers of exclusivity and clothing from famous designers is. Paris street has its own official website where you can find the full list of shops and their opening hours
Here premium cars stop, bringing passengers to chic cafes, where only the best chefs work. Among the most popular of them there are Cantinetta Florentina, Baterka, Barock and Les Moules.
All of them definitely deserve your attention, all the information about the menu and opening hours can be found on the official website of the street. For example, Les Moules is a restaurant for particularly refined guests. Here, the visitors will be offered the best mussels from Danish town Logstor. The chef  says that it take less than twelve hours from their catch, for the mussels to be on your plate.

Turning right and taking a few steps from Nespresso, where you’ll be served delicious coffee for every taste, you will find Bugsy's Bar. This is a bar with an exclusive cocktail menu in the form of an illustrated book.
The most famous and delicious cocktails from all over the world are listed in it. In addition, you can read the story of the appearance of each drink, and find out who of the greatest people in the world considered it their favorite.
The bar is very popular among the residents of Prague, so table should always be booked in advance. Nice atmosphere and helpful waiters who can help you to choose your drink. By the way, cheap prices at the bar, about 5 euros for a cocktail.

What can i find there?

Expensive, High quality and stylish - that is characteristic of the things you can find here. Shop windows here are very different from pretentious luxury in Karlovy Vary. Clothes and shoes cost around 30 thousand CZK (1200 €). And the value of jewelery and watches you can compare for yourself.

For many people the word "Paris", is probably associated with something romantic and poetic. Paris Street in Prague, which is a part of the Jewish Quarter, can create the same impression: white stucco lace houses, chestnuts and expensive boutiques.
It all rises from a special atmosphere that prevail shere. This is a special street. There are no random tourists here, it is calm, there are incredibly nice cafes in the French style in the open air. The street runs from the Old Town Square to Chekhov bridge. Burberry, D & G, Fashion Police, Christian Dior, Diesel, Airfeld, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Ermengildo Zegna, Escada, Hermes, Prada, Stefanel, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo, Chez Parisienne, Fendi, Magic Child – those are the names that deserve to stay in the most glamorous street of Prague.

But a couple of centuries ago, it would have caused quite different emotions. Prior to the general restructuring that transformed not that remarkable Mikulashskuyu street in the luxurious Avenue, the street served as a refuge to the Jewish population of Prague Castle, which in the 9-10 century moved here for permanent residence. Although before the reconstruction Jew population not more than 10%, and the street with adjacent gateways was a shelter for criminals, the poor and the urban adventure seekers. Other disasters did not pass by the current Paris street as well: each year this part of the city suffered from urban floods and fires, and epidemics of various infectious diseases almost never left dull gateways because of the constant humidity and overpopulation of local neighborhoods.

How to find it?

The Cathedral of St. Nicholas at the Old Town Square can be considered a reference point to Paris street. The nearest metro station  is Starom?stská (green line). If you are at the Old Town Square the store Cartier can be a good guide for you because with this store Paris street begins.


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