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How does apartment search & booking with Abruptsearch work?
How do I spot the special offers and make the best of my money? Can I just get a discount?!
What happens to the deposit if the apartment is not available? Can I request availability or book without my credit card information?
How do you protect me from scam?
What's your cancellation procedure?

Apartment Owners/Managers

How do I list my apartment(s) into your website? Can you help me? Is it free?
How does a booking work? When do I get paid? Can I use my own terms?
What's the difference between an Instant Booking and On Request apartment?
What's your cancellation procedure?
What's your cancellation procedure?

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Placid house s.r.o.
IČO: 28422635

 Krakovská 1352/20, Nove Mesto, 110 00 Praha 1
 +420 731 686 636

We work hard to make Abruptsearch the best vacation rental site in Prague. If you have questions or would simply like to interact with a human being, please feel free to call us at
+(420) 731 686 636 or email us.

What makes Abruptsearch special?

  • Better value for longer stays than a hotel
  • Customer Service is available 24/7.
  • A wide variety of accommodations to fit various budgets
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